About Dane

Being a Voice Over Artist

I love being a Voice Over Artist. 

Giving a voice to a clients message is what I was born to do. 

For as long as I can remember, I've been regarded as an effective communicator in speech as well as the written word, someone who could enthusiastically recite a story clearly with energy and sincerity. Or, tell a funny joke and deliver the punchline with precise timing. 

It's About Effective Communication

I think the ability to convey a message efficiently led to much of my success as a sales representative in the Tech and Advertising worlds.

And now, as a Voice Over Artist, that skill is what my clients benefit from the most - getting a clear, believable and sincere message communicated to their customers, their marketplace and even their employee's. 

The Right Voice For You

Whether you have a commercial that needs the right voice to deliver your message, a non-fiction book, an educational or training video in need of the right narration, a web site or other type of message you would like communicated effectively that listeners will hear, enjoy and understand - That's the voice I will provide you.